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Back in 2006 a plan was hatched to develop a training package to create an employment path so as to prepare articulate and competent building types for a future career as an Expert Witness Building Consultant.

Building education at various levels was consulted extensively. Numerous experienced building consultants were consulted, industry was canvased, as was the VBA and others, a never ending search was conducted to establish the broad training needs of building consultants.

As the training initiative is based on the National Rules of Training and Assessment it is required to be a living document, for the building industry has continually evolved over time along with the regulations codes and legislation that govern its endeavors. 

One message that continued to rebound back at us was, Expert Witness Building Consultant types practice in a broad field within the building industry, many disciplines within the building industry have little if any formal avenues of educational training. Some academic fields like Building Surveying, Engineering and Architecture have high levels of a theoretical base, with lots of resources and legislation to support their professions. It became apparent these same professions also had gaping holes within their education and training footprints, Building Surveyors, Architects and to a lesser extent engineers were never taught to estimate and or quantify, prepare costings and set building costs, they did little training in contract administration, project management or hold business acumen from a construction perspective, however they did have skills in supervision and good reasoning / problem solving skills. 

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So the profession of Building Consulting is made up of many professional types with a sprinkling of construction specialists and others within a diverse group of practitioners. They carry out their role both on site and also in the Courts and tribunals providing expert reports and expert witness testament on behalf of both the community, the building industry and the regulators of this state.