Certified Practicing Consultants



Our Certified Building Consultants are made up of many professional types with a sprinkling of construction specialists and others within a diverse group of practitioners. They carry out their role both on site and also in the Courts and tribunals providing expert reports and expert witness testament on behalf of both the community, the building industry and the regulators of this state.

Technical Advisory Panel


The AIBC has a specialist referral service that places members in the best position to service industry and the community. 

Education & Training


The AIBC have an initial educational training package to provide training to new prospective members and an ongoing professional and personal development program that keeps its members informed of industry developments.

Training Courses


Proposed Training Dates 2020  

29th February 2020 Certificate 1: Induction Course     $  600:00

27th June 2020    Certificate 2: Building Consultant   $   800:0

28th November 2020  Certificate 3:  Accreditation  in Consultancy  $  1,200:00

Files coming soon.

Seminar Dates


March 4th  - Barry Schafer  – Topic to be announced 

 June 3th  - To be announced. – Barrister 

 September 1st  - To be announced  

November 18th  - To be announced.

Files coming soon.